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Kiwi jr. - Leslie

Lastlings - No Time

Giant Rooks - Heat Up

Tricky - Fall Please

Juse Ju feat. Nikita Gorbunov & Mia Juni - Model in Tokio

Khruangbin - Pelota

Jadu Heart - Walk the Line

Haim - Los Angeles

Fritz Kalkbrenner & Ben Böhmer - Where The Roads Collide

Jack Garratt - Return Them To The One

Glass Animals - Heat Waves

Bruckner - Lifestyle

Kuoko - Algorithm

KennyHoopla - How Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried By A Highway

This Is The Kit - This is What You Did

Elderbrook - My House

Porridge Radio & Lala Lala - Good For You

Hearts Hearts - Rub My Eyes

The Streets feat. Hak Baker - Falling Down

Sports Team - Camel Crew

Haelos - Unknown Melody

Gordi - Unready

Ant Antic - Strong

The Architect - Crétin De Terrien

Skegss - Under The Thunder

Jonas Alaska - Joey Poiriez

Bright Eyes - Mariana Trench

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