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Teitur - Holiday Inn

The Postal Service - Grow Old With Me

Nick Waterhouse feat. Le - Katchi

Tora - Amsterdam

Melody Gardot - Who Will Comfort Me

Nick Murphy - Medication

Acollective - Circles

J. Bernardt - The Other Man

Cody Chesnutt - Everybody's Brother

Seafret - Give Me Something

Dekker - Let's Pretend

Friedberg - Lizzy

L.A. Salami - My Old Friend

Hippo Campus - Way It Goes

Curtis Harding - Where We Are

Charlie Cunningham - Minimum

Y'Akoto - We Walk the Line

Cat Power - Lost Someone

Gizmo Varillas - Freedom for a Change

RIVER - Someday

Van Deyk - Like This

London Grammar - Lose Your Head

The Haggis Horns feat. J - Outta My Head

Woodkid - In Your Likeness

Sir Simon - A Little Less Bored

Portugal. The Man - So Young

Black Pool - Be Yourself

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